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Announcement Regarding "the Competition Of Secure Use Of Internet" , 07.03.2017

"The competition of secure use of internet"  targeting students and teachers of primary schools (3rd to 4th grades), middle schools (5th to 8th grades) and high schools (9th to 12th grades) in order to educate the children about the privacy in internet and contribute to educate children and teenagers about secure use of internet.

The contestants will participate in the contest with their paintings and essays.


Applications: The participation will be through the websites www.uzeyad.org and www.guvenlinternet.com between 1 February 2017 – 31 December 2017.


Owners of the works will be able to participate in the contest by uploading their works and projects to the appropriate categories with online participation.


Terms and conditions regarding the said competition is enclosed herewith. 


Additional information may be reached at:


           - Telephone number: +90-312-417 31 67

           - E-mail: uzeyad@gmail.com


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